About Us


The 180th Street Business Improvement District was created to provide businesses with assistance and support to help them thrive in a competitive economic environment. The business district provides additional area specific services designed to enhance the region as a hub for business growth. Located within the South Jamaica Empire Zone, the organization has successfully provided the businesses with state tax incentives, job creation, security, marketing, area maintenance and outreach to City agencies.

District Information

The 180th Street BID is located in South Jamaica. The district’s boundaries are from 180th Street between Liberty Avenue and Brinkerhoff Avenue (110th Avenue), Liberty Avenue from 178th Street to 180th Street, 104th Avenue from 178th Street to 180th Street and Brinkerhoff Avenue from 180th Street to 178th Street. The area consists of twenty-nine (29) parcels of land.


Established in 1996, the 180th Street Business Improvement District is one of the few industrial Business Improvement District’s (BID) in New York City. Initially formed to oversee the 180th Street Reconstruction Project (see Programs and Initiatives), the district comprises of over fifty (50) primarily manufacturing and warehousing businesses employing over 1,000 workers.

What is a Business Improvement District or BID?
A BID is a public-private partnership in which businesses in a geographic area combine resources to provide additional and district specific services to a defined area. Many of the supplemental services a BID provides include street cleaning, capital improvements, security, and promotional activities. All of the services are supplemental to those already provided by New York City.