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180th Street Reconstruction Project
180th Street Reconstruction Project

180th Street Reconstruction Project

The 180th Street Reconstruction Project had a substantial impact within the 180th Street Business Improvement District because it allowed businesses to co-exist with the surrounding residential community. The $2 million plan reconstructed 2,550 feet of existing roadway on 180th Street between Liberty Avenue and Brinkerhoff Avenue providing unrestricted access to businesses south of 107th Avenue in the industrial area. This undertaking was a joint venture between the 180th Street BID, the Economic Development Corporation and the Queen’s Borough President’s Office. The project was completed in 1998.

Empire Zone Program

The New York State Empire Zone (EZ) Program offers a wide array of incentives for 180th Street BID businesses including tax credits and utility discounts. Over sixty (60) local businesses have taken advantage of this program. The Empire Zone programs include Wage Tax Credit, Investment Tax Credit, Employment Incentive Credit, Tax Reduction Credit, Property Tax Credit, Sales Tax Refund, Utility Discounts, Zone Capital Credit and Statewide Zone Capital Credit Corporation Loan. For more information contact Derek Irby at


The 180th Street BID was one of the first BIDs to enroll in the Computerized Neighborhood Environment Tracking (ComNET) program. Established by the Fund for the City of New York, ComNET is designed to help improve the performance of non-profit organizations by utilizing hand held computers to quickly capture, record, tabulate and report street level conditions to their perspective government agency. The success of a BID, especially an industrial district, is often judged by the condition of their street; consequently, participating in such a program assists 180th Street in achieving their mission.  

The system has allowed the BID to monitor the progress being made by specific city agencies in correcting these various street level conditions. The number of incidences reported last year decreased by 63%.

Graffiti Program

In Fiscal Year 2009, the 180th street BID successfully implemented a new graffiti program to combat an increase in graffiti in the district. This quality of life issue was becoming a fiscal and timely concern of the business owners. The graffiti program included an initial cleaning of the entire district followed by an “as needed” maintenance agreement. The turnaround time for graffiti removal was less than four (4) days. Graffiti was removed from twenty-two (22) building locations this year.

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